Main service:

– Customized production for each customer or project based on customers’ request, designs, pictures or models
– Producing and receiving commission of stone sculptures, stone products for home decoration, architectural and landscaping projects, indoor and outdoor decoration

Customization service is our key expertise!

– Customers’ designs, pictures & specifications are welcomed.
– Customization in dimensions, materials, styles and colours.
– Customization process:

+ Your thought or requirement and our model:

+ Your own designs or models:

Rent of workshop for carving

– Providing workshop, equipment, materials, facilities, labour assistance, as well as logistical services and local lodging for sculptors and artists all over the world

Tour for art lovers and amateurs: “ONE – TWO DAYS AS A SCULPTOR”

Other services:

– Organizing and executing sculpture camps and symposium

– Providing a platform for professionals and practitioners nation-wide and world-wide to research, practice and exchange skills and ideas

– Organizing sculptural community events, classes together with sculptural and cultural trips for local and foreigner art lovers